Fractional is a decentralized protocol where NFT owners can mint tokenized fractional ownership of their NFTs. These tokens then function as normal ERC20 tokens which have governance over the NFT that they own.

Fractional NFT Ownership

Through Fractional, it will become easy to buy and hold a percentage of an NFT. This allows users who have been previously priced out of certain NFTs or artists (such as Beeple) to be able to buy a piece of their work. Alongside this, fractionalizing an NFT allows for the NFT holder to be able to see some liquidity from their asset without selling the entire piece.

NFT Baskets

Alongside individual NFTs, users will be able to fractionalize entire collections of NFTs and release them under one fractional ownership token. This will allow for users to enjoy learning from the industry knowledge of accomplished NFT collectors while being able to collect fractions from their curated vaults.
Last modified 1yr ago