Fractional 1-pager

Current Standing & Roadmap

Current Tech & Product:

Future Tech Plans:

  • Smart L2 integration
    • Users lock NFT on L1 and get minted ERC20 tokens on L2
    • All secondary trading on L2
  • TWAP buyout model (most likely needs capital efficiency liquidity like Uni v3)
  • Integrations with lending/borrowing markets, NFT liquidity aggregators (ie. NFTX) & NFT galleries
    • Making useful integrations for ERC20 tokens
    • Show NFTs owned in your wallet

Future Product Plans (outside of supporting tech upgrades):

  • Build out mobile app for more retail focused experience
  • Abstract gas fees when on L2
  • Potentially work to have securitized real world assets

Current Partners:

  • PleasrDAO (SNOWDEN & TOR)
  • Div VC Dissected Meebit
  • Beanie Maxie Punk Comic
  • Lots of interest but concerns about legal aspects of things

Fractional Governance Token:

  • Has governing power over the system
  • Accrued value through ownership drip over time of fractionalized assets
  • Potentially can be the buyer of last resort for abandoned shares
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